Aims of Friends of Easteron

Welcome to the Friends of Eastercon website. This website exists to provide an on-line forum for discussion of the future of Eastercons. We hope that you will find the information and links you need to join us in the conversation. We would welcome your input, and this website provides a permanent site with options for posting your views and emailing us.

ConFusion plans to be a hybrid convention

The ConFusion committee are not sure that the Covid-19 pandemic will allow them to have a full physical convention in Birmingham in 2021, so are now planning a virtual or possibly hybrid convention. They have announced a virtual attending membership rate of £50, compared with their physical one of £70. More details here.

Eastercon 2020 cancelled

As was inevitable, Concentric had to cancel the Eastercon as it became clear that the Hilton could not fulfill their contract, in spite of the hotel being very accommodating. The committee will be hosting a virtual bidding session for 2021 and 2022 on Easter Sunday. Visit the Concentric website for more details on that and how they plan to wind down the event.

Caroline Mullan has suggested we all sign this virtual card to show our appreciation for the committee and their efforts.

Coronavirus and Eastercon #2

Concentric 2020 are in a very difficult position, balancing public health with their contract with the Hilton hotel and their insurance policy. There is a discussion on the Facebook Eastercon Community page as what happens if the con does not take place, and we need to choose a new site for 2021. Apologies for non Facebook people, but there does not seem a good alternative discussion forum. The Friends of Eastercon will be following the discussion there.




Follycon update

Follycon was a great success, but there was no bid for 2020 to vote on because the Manchester bid had to fold. A scratch bid, to hold the event in the Birmingham NEC Metropole (site of Innominate in 2017) as Concentric2020 had formed but felt it was too soon to present a formal bid, so they will be planning a one year bid for Ytterbium next year.

Pat ably provided a very brief FOE update, and got no questions, so what little we are doing must be right!