Update – 31st May 2016

We are changing the way we work as we split into three groups to do three different things. Emails will be going out shortly to people who have previously volunteered to see what they might like to get involved with. If you were thinking of joining in over the next year or so, now would be a good time to get in touch.

The Future of Eastercon group will continue meeting, and will be responsible for reporting on what we do via the internet and at future Eastercons.

The Eastercon Support group will research and discuss options for setting up an organisation to support Eastercons. Note: We do not assume that an organisation is necessary or desirable, and options will include ‘do nothing and let Eastercon committees get on with it’. We expect this group to be busy from July until shortly after Eastercon 2017, but it will be a one-off project.

The Eastercon.org group is taking responsibility for the existing Eastercon.org wiki as a permanent resource for UK fandom.

We will continue to post updates to this site, which also has the background and history of this discussion, and any more permanent material we produce. We also now have a Future of Eastercons Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/FutureOfEastercons – if you are a Facebook user please go and ‘Like’ this to be kept informed or get in touch.


Questionnaire spreadsheet

We expect to soon publish an anonymized version of the responses to the questionnaire. Unfortunately this has meant a few responses have had to be removed where we felt that they identified individuals and could not be edited in such a way as to prevent this.