30+ years of Eastercon publications scanned

Thanks to Mark Plummer I’ve scanned in the Eastercon programme
archive, 31 programme books and 47 PRs from Whitcon to BECCON ’87, and
uploaded them to Fancyclopedia. 1880 pages, done on an HP all-in-one
printer with sheet feeder I just bought for £30. HP think they’ll make
their money on Instant Ink, the fools…  http://fancyclopedia.org/eastercon


Follycon update

Follycon was a great success, but there was no bid for 2020 to vote on because the Manchester bid had to fold. A scratch bid, to hold the event in the Birmingham NEC Metropole (site of Innominate in 2017) as Concentric2020 had formed but felt it was too soon to present a formal bid, so they will be planning a one year bid for Ytterbium next year.

Pat ably provided a very brief FOE update, and got no questions, so what little we are doing must be right!

New staff, new wiki hosting, new name

Caroline, Steve, Judy and Tim are stepping back from their roles in Eastercon Options, as they all have Eastercons to plan. Pat McMurray, Chris O’Shea and John Bray are stepping up to the plate, and thank them for their hard work.

We have moved the Eastercon wiki from Alex’s machine to wikia, http://www.eastercon.org redirects to http://eastercon.wikia.com. Thanks to Alex for his efforts supporting the site for all these years.

We plan to rename “Eastercon Options” to be “Friends of Eastercon”, as discussed at the Innominate panel. The aim is still to provide support to Eastercon like all friends groups do, there is no power grab, as we have no power nor money at present. More on this to come