In order to get some real information on how people feel about this issue, we produced a questionnaire using Google Forms. We temporarily closed participation in the questionnaire in order to analyse the results, but we’ve reopened it because a number of people have requested that we do so.

The questionnaire is available at

We will use this page to publish some of the results from the questionnaire and also the presentation that we gave at Novacon.

Novacon Presentation


One thought on “Questionnaire

  1. Friendly, informed people who like meeting other people and share a love of information (And science fiction) are what made me come to Eastercon for the second time.
    The world is full mof hostile, intoplerant and ignorant people. Eastercon is a slice of a better world.
    The best thing of Eastercon is the Anarchy -and that’s using the term properly – people coming together to share skills for the betterment of all for no other reason than that they think they want to do the best job possible.This requires the co-ioperation and goodwill of all andm, generally, this is what we get.
    I’d hate for Eastercon to become money-dominated or to become bound up in officaldom or ‘Security’ issues. I know that is a danger as the hotel industry becomes ever more corporate – that is, to my mind, the most worrying threat to Eastercon.
    It’s vital that Eastercon remains person-centric and does not become a corporate monster. I’ve been impressed by the efforts of many Con Organisers to prevent that from happening. Thank you for your work and idealism.
    The earlier Eastercons look quite eerilly alien from their lack of women – a chilling thiought. There are certainly more women at Eastercons – and more women involved in the OPERATION of Eastercons and this has been nothing but good and far more fun.
    The earlier Eastercons had a very narrow age-range wheras now we have the older fans and the next generation as children and teenagers – all bringing something different and allowing a mix of ages. It’s been reasuring to see more younger folk turning up due to things like manga and Steampunk. A great relief to see young, stylish folk in betwen the Estemed and rotund older fen. It’s all wonderfully healthy.
    The encouragement of different sexualities whilst not forcing them on anyone is charming as is the thought put into disabled access.
    I do, however, worry about the recent overt paranoia about sexual matters – as a parent whop’se taken his kid to Eastercon from within the womb (My wife’s) to him now being 13, I have been happy that any truly blatant sex is kept in areas where people elect to enjoy such things buit, whatever anyone’s interests, everyone treats the kids with respect and sensitivity – this is a long way from the Mundane World in which theyre exposed to things like the Sun, Sport and scary posters all the time.
    It’s also terrific that Eastercon continues to centre on books and cultural/scientific issues rather than Media. The mix of Serious and downright Silly is a never ending delight.
    Like Soylent Green, Eastercon is people.
    I hope this helps.
    Be excellent to each other and party on.


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